MAKSI.MIUK creates original jewelry designs taking into consideration the shape and form of every object. Her jewelry is the echo of a larger concept of sculpture. In all her creations, Ewelina Maksimiuk aims at simplifying redundant elements and building unique shapes – all at the same time.

Thanks to the author’s passion for metal and spacious forms, the jewelry became the medium of her vision, the forms she creates – worn both by women and men – have a chance to function on an everyday basis.


“I discovered my passion and interest for jewelry design during Art Studies. I focused my research on etching techniques – graphic workshop, sculpture and developing the ability to create a spatial form. My jewelry is a compound of all the gained experiences from art fields that I have studied – I intend to lock this experience in petite jewelry objects.

The jewelry is handmade in collaboration with artificers. It’s made in limited quantities or custom made by order. Made out of noble metals of the highest quality with respect to the traditional goldsmithing techniques and modern technologies.”