NOTURNO collection

The Noturno collection consists of dynamic systems of lines combined with spherical shapes of shimmering spheres of various sizes. They are broken by matte black onyx that contrasts with the metal surface. The models, however, are kept in the minimalistic style of the brand. The inspiration for the latest collection was the movement of birds during the flight seen from a distance and the movement of celestial bodies.

Model: Dominika Powierza/ Wave Models  @dominikapowierza  /  @wavemodels
Foto: Krystian Daszkowski @daszkow
Video: Zuza Marczak @zuza_marczak_
Foto assistent: Magdalena Stawińska @maddie.stav
Stylist: Joanna Szewczak @joannavicom
Make up: Anna Stachyra @a.stachyra
Pruduction assystent: Weronika Kossakowska